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Packaging Supplies

Bubble Wrap

Centa-Pak stocks a superior range of Bubble and Foam Wrap. We believe in securing your products with ultimate protection.

Enquire today for custom sizes and perforation.

Sizes Available:

Bubble Wrap:





*200m/roll available*


1200mmx500m 1mm




Contact us today to find the right packaging solutions to suit your product’s needs.


Centa-Pak offers a diverse range of adhesive tapes to suit every application. In stock at all times are:

  • Printed Tape, Fragile & Top Load – Size 48mmx66m
  • Masking Tape – 12mm, 36mm, 48mm
  • Tape Dispensers
  • Clear & Brown Packaging tape – 48mmx75m
  • Custom Print Tapes
  • Double sided industrial cloth tape

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Just ask the friendly staff at Centa-Pak

Mailing and Dispatch

Our cushioned mailing bags are available with a self-sealing strip to streamline your despatch; these are designed to meet your mailing needs at an affordable price. Our range of products is not limited to the products below, enquire today if you don’t see the product you are looking for.

Products available:

Documents, invoice and packaging slips enclosed envelopes – Enquire for a custom design

Padded Mailing Bags, stocked sizes are:

160x200mm + 50mm Flap

210x270mm + 50mm Flap

240x345mm + 50mm Flap

265x375mm + 50mm Flap

305x400mm + 50mm Flap

360 x 470mm + 50mm Flap

Courier Bags

190x260mm + 50mm Flap

250x325mm + 50mm Flap

280x380mm + 50mm Flap

340x440mm + 50mm Flap

420x450mm + 50mm Flap

500x550mm + 50mm Flap

600x650mm + 50mm Flap

For Custom sizes please enquire.

Stretch Wrap

Optimise your pallet loads with the right stretch wrap for your needs. Our stretch wrap has a high puncture resistance and is great for wrapping uneven loads. From large machine rolls to small bundling film rolls we have your needs covered.

Products Available:

Stretch Wrap Hand Apply – 500mm x 400m

  • Cast or Blown
  • Colours Stocked: Black, Clear and White
  • Dispensers

Stretch Wrap Machine – 500mm x 1420m

  • Cast or Blown
  • Colours Stocked: Black, Clear and White
  • Stretch Wrap Machines Auto and Semi Auto – ENQUIRE TODAY FOR SPECIAL PRICE

Bundling Film

  • Colours Stocked: Black & Clear
  • Dispensers


Centa-Pak offers a range of strapping supplies and accessories that covers all your strapping needs.

Check out range of products in stock below:

PET Strapping

  • 1100m/roll
  • 12mm – 25mm

Plastic Strapping

  • 12mm -19mm
  • Clear and Blue
  • Machine & Hand Apply
  • Standard and Heavy Duty

Strapping Machines & Tools

  • Tensioners
  • Sealers
  • Dispensers
  • Strap Cutters
  • Auto & Semi Auto Strapping Machines
  • Battery Operated Strapping Tools

 Strapping accessories:

  • Seals
  • Buckles

Wine Accessories

Display and transport your wines professionally with products that enhance the look and feel of your product. With a large range of options, we will competitively meet your budgets and marketing needs. So no matter how large or small your wine business – you can join the leaders in presentation and shelf performance.

Presentations Pack

  • Colours Available: Silver, White, Brown, Black
  • Sizes available: 1, 2 and 3 bottle

Carry Bags

  • Colours Available: Black & Kraft
  • Sizes Available: 1, 2 and 3 bottle
  • 6 Bottle Carry Pack


  • Brand: Stelvin – Lux and Standard
  • Colours: Black, Maroon, red, silver + more
  • Finishes available: Matt & Gloss
  • Quantity per box: 1400


  • Paper Dividers: 12 and 6 Bottle
  • Corrugated Dividers Custom Sizes
  • Moulded dividers


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