About us

Centa-Pak Enterprises…

Centa-Pak is an independently owned and family operated company. We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the finest quality products and service that the industry can offer. Centa-Pak produces a diverse range of cardboard boxes. Your ideal box design can be created and is custom made to suit your individual requirements. We also can produce a box the will be suitable for a particular product for example honey jars, wine bottles and meat.

At Centa-Pak our graphic design team can take your design from concept through to finished art. We’ll take your brief and produce a range of ideas for you, providing draft copies until you have the design and artwork to match your ideals. Next Centa-Pakwill take the draft artwork through to your finished product.

Centa-Pak doesn’t just manufacture your cardboard boxes; we provide complete packaging solutions to meet your needs.